quickbooks online

Set Up to Flourish

Create an optimized bookkeeping system for your business using QuickBooks Online!
Learn how to make the system work for you!

Are you brand new to business? Brand new to QuickBooks Online? Still trying to figure out QuickBooks online? Worried you’re not using the bookkeeping software correctly? You’re in the right place!

Here we can get you setup correctly using QuickBooks Online (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, or Advanced versions) and learn how to use the software to optimize your bookkeeping for tax prep and all year long!

Core content is delivered over 3 course sessions and includes 3 Q&A working sessions.

1. Learn how to create and organize your chart of accounts specific to your business.

2. Understand the importance of categorizing and reconciling your accounts.

3. Discover customized reports and key reports for tax prep. 

A Q&A working session will follow the course session to allow for retention of materials and application to your QuickBooks file. Work along side your peers and ask questions as you go!

Each 6 week course is limited to 10 business owners to keep the Q&A working sessions small and accessible! The next session starts soon!

Here’s more information on how to purchase!