Here’s what our clients have to say:

Dana is the absolute BEST!! She has created seamless systems within my business’ books. Everything is perfectly prepared every month & ready for the CPA come tax time. I always have a temperature on the financial health of my company by referring to her monthly reports. No matter how small or large your business might be, Dana can handle it & bring you SO MUCH peace of mind.

Kala, aesthetic product development consultant

Dana makes my life awesome!

Patrick, agricultural equipment wholesaler

Dana helps women stop hiding their heads in the sand and actually look at their books….. and have fun doing it!

Betsy, NLP Trainer, Author, Speaker

Dana is so patient and thorough! She has walked me through managing my money and budgeting step by step and always without judgement. I feel so supported by Dana and she has helped me feel confident when it comes to understanding my finances. Thank you Dana!

Juliette, life coach

Before working with Dana, money and organization around money (especially at tax time) was a huge stress. Dana is so knowledgeable about money and business. She’s also very kind and approachable, as money can be a sensitive topic. I am so grateful for her and all she’s done for me and my business, as well as my money mindset. I would highly recommend any business owner allowing Dana to help in this way. I now feel supported and peaceful when it comes to money tracking and filing taxes. My strong points are not numbers and organization. But they are Dana’s, and I know I can count on her to handle it for me!

Sarah, Counselor, Writer, Growth Advocate